SC&A is an engineering company formed in 20-01-2003 with the combination of a group of professionals already working together in a consolidated and multi-partnership in the COCOMELLO's technical office.

SC&A is an engineering company with a "craft" structure( frame) and size. which employs design methodologies, tools, and advanced industrial organization.

The philosophy behind the activities of the office focuses constant attention and focus on the synthesis of past values and techniques of the future, in the profound conviction that in this attitude lies the key operational asset for the challenges and opportunities posed the current post-modern operating environment.

The company's main activity area is the structural design for buildings and industrial broad spectrum of expertise: c.a. structures, c.a.p., steel, masonry, wood, new development, consolidation, restoration and renovation; geotechnical works and works with the adoption of geotechnical consolidation .

Compare with the prevalent project activity, SC&A also provides general engineering services: architectural design and construction, mechanical and electrical systems design, construction intervention's project management, coordination of security .

To achieve its operational objectives, the company is organized into divisions coordinated and directed by a senior professional manager (Eng. / Architect / Surveyor), inside of which are junior professionals.